Our mission is provide airports and airlines with realtime visibility of turnaround operations

Assaia enables airlines to improve on-time performance, airports to free up gates faster, make the ramp safer, and reduce CO2 emissions.

We have a growing list of customers including Seattle-Tacoma Airport, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, JFK International Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport, Aeroporti di Roma and are underpinned by Assaia’s Strategic Partner Community, a network of innovative airlines and airports.

With offices in Zurich, Switzerland, and the United States, our global team includes top-tier computer science researchers and experienced aviation experts. Together, we are dedicated to transforming apron operations through technology. 

Management team

Max is an experienced serial entrepreneur who has founded and scaled several multi million dollar B2B software companies in Europe and Silicon Valley. With Assaia he wants to ignite a technological revolution in the aviation industry.

Max Diez
CEO & Co-Founder

Dmitry is an experienced entrepreneur and systems architect. With more than 10 years of experience in building complex systems and leading technology teams, he understands what it takes to build failsafe systems for the aviation industry.

Dmitry Chugreev
CTO & Co-Founder

Norbert is a veteran of the aviation IT industry. With more than 30 years of international business experience in IT system integration, including 10 years in the aviation industry, he understands the complex requirements of enterprise customers, and how to fulfill them.

Norbert Steiger
VP Global Sales

Chris is an expert in ground operations. For more than 8 years, he has been confronted with the various operational challenges in this space. As former Head of Innovation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol turned Assaia’s Chief Customer Officer, he is leveraging his experience to make sure that our customers get the most value out of our products.

Christiaan Hen
Chief Customer Officer

Commercial Aviation has always been central in Jan Willem’s life. After finishing his Master’s degree in Air Transport Management, he realized that the future of aviation has to be data driven. He understands how leveraging untapped insights can be revolutionary for the aviation industry and is making sure the adoption is happening as fast as possible.

Jan Willem Kappes
SVP Global Sales

David is responsible for the growth of the Assaia, ensuring a smooth day-to-day operation and strategic development of the firm. David is uniquely qualified to lead this growth initiative as he has successfully built and managed a large, globally-distributed IT organisation as well as being a former airport CIO. He knows exactly what it is that makes an airport software supplier great to work with.

David Preuß
Chief Operating Officer

Ethan is responsible for ensuring our customers get the most value from Assaia in the Americas. Over the past decade, Ethan has supported private and commercial aviation organisations in sales and business development, flight operations, and customer success. He is a commercial-rated pilot and avid aviation enthusiast.

Ethan Gura
Head of Customer Success Americas

Phillip, an Industrial engineer with 10 years of project management experience leading global project teams, will ensure professional and on-time delivery of customer solutions. He is focussed on refinement of our project management processes and ensuring compliance at all times.

Philipp Gehrke
Project Manager

Louise has strong international marketing leadership experience in B2B travel and transport and well as leadership positions held in not for profit organisations. She will be focused on building awareness of how Assaia can benefit passengers, airports, and airlines.

Louise Niven
Marketing Director

Tim is a well-rounded aviation expert with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Tim will help Assaia continue to expand new partnerships with airports and airlines in the Americas to fully realize the potential that comes with deploying automated machine vision on their ramps.

Tim Toerber
Vice President of Business Development – Americas

Growing our vision

Join our team to deliver the industry's only proven AI turnaround solution

Working together

We’re passionate about building a collaborative approach

Strategic Partner Community 

Our Strategic Partner Community is made up of innovative airports and airlines who offer unique insights into their needs, allowing us to provide what the entire aviation community requires.

By taking an equity stake in Assaia, our SPC partners demonstrate their belief in our company, together we're bridging the gap for complete visibility of all airport operations.

Assaia Safety Round Table 

Assaia, along with safety management from the top airlines and airports in the US and Canada, have formed a collaborative effort aimed at ensuring the safety of staff, customers, and resources.

Assaia hosts a bi-monthly Roundtable for airline & airport representatives to discuss ramp safety, including the challenges experienced post-Covid, such as staff turnover, a lack of experienced staff, and time pressures for the ramp crew. 

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