The turnaround is a black box for airports and airlines

Lack of real-time visibility results in costly delays, underutilized capacity, miscommunication, accidents, missed SLA’s and excess CO2 emissions.

Tasks to be completed
People involved
Vehicles moving around the aircraft

Assaia creates visibility for data-driven decision making on the ramp.

To enable real-time situational awareness, accurate predictions, and efficient decision making during the turnaround.

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ApronAI Base

ApronAI by Assaia enhances turnaround operations by providing real-time visibility and accurate predictions for turnaround events, helping users gain control, make informed decisions, and achieve superior outcomes.


TurnaroundControl is a specialized interface that maximizes on-time performance for airlines and ground handlers by allowing users to monitor and manage and optimize their turnaround operations.


StandManager is an advanced software for real-time gate planning, allowing users to predict, plan, and update gate allocation throughout the day in response to changes, while also providing notification for the links of bridges, buses, and tow vehicles.


SafetyControl is a computer vision-powered product that enhances ramp safety for airports, airlines, and ground handlers by detecting unsafe situations, providing real-time visibility, and assisting operational agents in prompt action.


EmissionsControl is an AI-powered technology that provides airports with real-time monitoring of APU engine usage, ensuring compliance with regulations, reducing carbon emissions, and mitigating noise pollution.

Analysis as a Service

Assaia provides an Analysis as a Service option, collaborating with customers to create customized data assets and offering benchmark metrics for KPIs.

How does Assaia create real-time visibility?

Optimize daily operations

Artificial Intelligence optimizes apron operations based on accurate inputs such as timestamps and predictions.

Enhance employee efficiency

Computer Vision captures events in chaotic environments where different stakeholders are present. It can reliably detect any event that is visually identifiable. The resulting data helps manage operations more efficiently.

Enable data-driven decision-making

Our Machine Learning algorithms create accurate predictions and detect deviations from optimal procedures.


Can the system work with our own cameras?

Does the system work in snow, rain, or fog?

How does the system perform during the night?

Is the solution GDPR compliant?

Can the system be used to detect FOD?

Does the system have to be calibrated for every stand?

Can the system be installed on-premise as well?

Can we observe multiple stands with one camera?

Does the system also work with PTZ cameras?

What is the minimum camera resolution required?

What is the ideal camera position?

Does the system work with our existing VMS?

Can we use multiple cameras for the same location?

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