SafetyControl gives you the power to prevent incidents and accidents on the apron

SafetyControl helps airports, airlines, and ground handlers enhance ramp safety.

Powered by the same Computer Vision technology as ApronAI Base, SafetyControl detects unsafe situations caused by SOP deviations (e.g., aerobridge not fully parked).

SafetyControl has already proven its ability at users like:

Decrease in unsafe behaviors

Enhance ramp safety with SafetyControl

SafetyControl provides real-time visibility of ongoing turnarounds through color-coded safety indicators and live video.

With its alerting capability, SafetyControl assists operational agents by eliminating the need to monitor all ongoing turnarounds, allowing them to focus on unsafe situations.

By increasing visibility, agents can act promptly, preventing incidents from occurring.

Fewer collisions & incidents
Improved safety culture
Lower safety-related costs

Use cases

Safety Management


Live camera feeds for all turnarounds
Airport map overview
Real-time safety detections
(Mobile) Alerting
Data export

Improving your operations

Keep your team and assets safe on the turnaround

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