Unrivaled Sensor Technology for APU's Reduces Emissions Quickly and Easily

EmissionsControl provides airports with real-time monitoring of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) engine usage, ensuring compliance with guidelines and regulations.

Our AI technology utilizes specially installed sensors at aircraft stands or gates to detect APU activity. By analyzing flight data, the application offers users an up-to-date overview of any violations. With mobile alerts, users can be notified when intervention is necessary.

This enhanced visibility and intervention capability enable airports to reduce APU usage, minimize carbon emissions, and mitigate noise pollution.

EmissionsControl has already proven its ability at airports like:

Reduce APU usage
Reduce CO2 emissions
Reduce kerosine cost

Use cases



Overview of all current turns and APU status
(Mobile) Alerting
Data export

Improving your operations

Sustainability on the ground to reach Net Zero

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