Make Data Driven Decisions with Professional Analytics

ApronAI provides access to data through industry-grade APIs and direct exports from the user interface. This enables customer data analysis teams to generate dashboards, reports, and analyses.

Additionally, Assaia offers an Analysis as a Service option, where our experienced aviation analysts collaborate with you to develop tailored data assets, such as dashboards, periodic reports, scorecards, and ad-hoc analysis.

Our team leverages top-notch analysis tools including PowerBI and/or Tableau to provide solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Furthermore, we offer anonymized benchmark metrics for various KPIs.

Reduced operational costs
Improved OTP
Reduced delays
Improved ramp safety
Reduced CO2 emissions 

Use cases

Data, Analysis and Reporting


Online dashboards with live data
Periodic reports
Ad hoc analyses

Improving your operations

Comprehensive turnaround data and analysis

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