Get Real Time Visibility & Predictive Alerting for Improved Turnaround Performance

ApronAI enhances airport, airline, and ground handler operations through real-time visibility of turnaround operations.

With strategically placed cameras across aircraft stands, aerobridges, and the apron, accurate timestamps for turnaround events are generated in real time.

Our sophisticated machine-learning techniques enable accurate predictions for aircraft off-block (POBT) and departure readiness (PRDT).

ApronAI has already proven its ability to improve turnaround operations at airports like:

Ground delays reduced at JFKIAT
Increase in OTP for Alaska Airlines

Assaia's ApronAI offers an intuitive interface that showcases live video, turnaround data, and alerting capabilities to prioritize important information.

With full visibility, decision support, and alerting capabilities, users gain control over operations and can make informed decisions for superior outcomes.

ApronAI's success at airports like JFKIAT and Seattle-Tacoma has resulted in reduced delays and increased capacity.

operational costs
Improved OTP

Use cases

Airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM)

Aircraft turnaround management

Resource management


Live camera feeds for all turnarounds
Airport map overview
Real Time turnaround event detections
Predictions (POBT/PRDT)
(Mobile) Alerting
Performance against Precision Time Schedule or turnaround timeline
Data export

Improving your operations

Unlock growth with reduced operational costs and increased OTP

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