Streamline real-time Stand Allocation Efforts

StandManager is an advanced stand and gate planning software that utilizes predictions and automated optimizations. It can be used as a standalone product or alongside other ApronAI products to generate real-time turnaround data.

Customers have the ability to configure both hard and soft planning rules, as well as planning KPIs. These parameters are used by the application to automatically calculate the most optimal gate plan.

The plan can be updated throughout the day in response to changes such as early arrivals, late departures, or stand closures. Predicted Off-Block Times (POBTs) are calculated for all flights, with or without real-time turnaround data, in order to enhance planning stability.

The system is designed to continuously update the ruleset required for automated planning by closely monitoring any manual interventions made to the optimal plan. It also provides an overall optimal planning score and performance metrics based on various planning KPIs.

Additionally, the application offers resource requirements, such as required busses or tows, from both the current and alternative plans, utilizing maximum resource availability as planning parameters.

operational costs
Improved OTP

Use cases

Resource management


Predictions (PIBT/POBT)
Automated planning
Freeze window during which no automated planning happens
Automated ruleset monitoring
Monitoring of manual deviation from optimal plan
Planning changelog
Planning resource impact
Map view
Drag & drop flights

Improving your operations

Advanced stand and gate planning

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