Annual savings of CAD $47 million

With more than 40 airlines flying to 160+ destinations around the globe, Toronto Pearson is Canada’s busiest airport and were looking for a solution to give visibility to the data underlying the operations to provide the single source of truth for all turnaround operations.

Reduction in Average Taxi-In Time
120 million kgs
Reduced CO2


Toronto Pearson required full situational awareness of the turnaround process at all 106 gates to achieve operational efficiencies and improve resilience while decreasing delays. They needed data to provide the single source of truth for their Airport Collaborative Decision-Making initiative to ensure effective collaboration with their airline partners while maintaining safety standards and reducing their environmental impact.


Assaia's TurnaroundControl uses a combination of AI and computer vision to track exactly what is happening during aircraft turnaround in real time. The resulting data is used to highlight when turnaround subprocesses (like fueling or catering) are falling behind schedule and mitigative action can be taken immediately to minimize delays and to increase gate availability.

The system also creates highly accurate predictions of when an aircraft will depart as soon as it arrives. These early predictions allow the airport operational staff to flag potential gate conflicts earlier and make gate changes to avoid incoming aircraft having to wait for their gate. Less waiting means less kerosene consumption, lower costs, and reduced C02 emissions.

Deviations from the schedule and predicted delays are communicated to users via the solution’s alerting capability. This allows for an efficient operation as users no longer need to keep an eye on all ongoing departures but rely on the system to flag departures with issues and focus their efforts on these flights. This method of management by exception means airports and airlines can manage more flights with the same number of staff as they become more productive.


  • 44% Reduction in average taxi-In time resulting in annual savings of CAD $47 million
  • Average reduction in taxi-in time of almost 8 minutes per flight
  • Reduced CO2 by 120 million kgs
  • Reduced ground delays by 3.4 minutes on average resulting in savings worth CAD $162,461


The use of Assaia's TurnaroundControl has provided our Airline Partners, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers with full visibility of the aircraft turn processes. The data, predictability, and visibility enhances our collective efficiency and resilience at Toronto Pearson. Paired with our A-CDM initiative, Assaia's TurnaroundControl provides crucial data driving A-CDM processes, a reduction in turn times, and a noticeable increase in on-time performance.

Dean Wright
Associate Director, Gating & Airport Flow


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