Fraport is examining the solution for deployment throughout its airport network

Fraport’s Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU) is one of the few airports in Europe with an in-house ground handling department, LJU faces the challenge of maintaining and improving service levels amidst staff shortages and extreme traffic peaks during the summer season. Fraport Slovenija management is embracing state-of-the-art technology to work smarter to ensure a smooth passenger experience.

4 min
average reduction in ground delays


Assaia's TurnaroundControl will gather objective data from every ground-handling process, identifying bottlenecks, process dependencies, and discrepancies between planned and actual times. The ultimate goal is to streamline all ground handling processes and enhance Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) through high-quality operational data available on a 24/7 basis.


Turnaround Control is deployed at all critical gates at LJU, enabling the team to optimize operations in real-time to improve the turnaround efficiency, including allocating the right staffing levels based on actual events not planned timings. In addition, by tracking all activity over time, it provides the data required to streamline Standard Operating Procedures.

The system also assists LJU in accurately predicting off-block time, generating real-time alerts, and enabling proactive resource management for improved on-time performance and reduced ground delays. Ultimately, these enhancements will contribute to an improved passenger experience.

All data points will be accessible for post-operation analysis, driving continuous improvement in ground handling procedures based on actual performance and evolving airline requirements. Also, the historical data can be used to quickly, efficiently, and correctly investigate airline customer complaints and/or inquiries.

In addition to the immediate benefits at LJU, this deployment will provide invaluable insights for a wider Fraport Group deployment, addressing industry-wide challenges such as data-driven Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, and delay code clearing.


  • Average reduction in ground delays of 4 minutes for all flights managed by Assaia
  • Resulting in a cost-saving of $405.92 per turn
  • Potential annual savings could be  $389,688 PA


We are optimizing all our processes on the apron to shorten the time each aircraft needs to be on the ground, which benefits both our passengers and our airline partners. This is a common issue across our airports and we are talking to all of them about this technology.

Claus Grunow
VP of Corporate Strategy and Digitalization at Fraport

Our focus is to use innovation to make our operations smoother. We have selected Assaia because of the capabilities of the tool. But it is also really important for us that it has a good record of successful implementation, so we know it will deliver for us, for our airlines and ultimately for our passengers.

Dr Babett Stapel
Managing Director, Fraport Slovenjia

The real-time and historical insights that can inform both airport and airline operations make this solution a clear winner for everyone.

Craig Paul
Director of Technology & Innovation , Halifax Stanfield International

Assaia’s technology adds critical data points to CVG’s early-stage neural network for operational advancements. Structured data generated by artificial intelligence will provide information to make decisions, optimize airside processes, and improve efficiency and safety.

Brian Cobb
CIO, CVG Airport

We’re working hard on becoming an airport of the future, and this involves rethinking every part of our ground operations. Assaia’s ApronAI is an integral component of our vision for the ramp of the future.

Abhi Chacko
Head of Innovation & Commercial IT Services, Gatwick Airport


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